We know the building process can be both exciting and stressful… but should indeed be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With that in mind, we believe that involving our clients in each phase of the construction process is critical to the ultimate success and satisfaction associated with the building of your next home.

The process begins long before ground is broken, with careful and collaborative planning. The preplanning meetings serve to provide answers to the how, what, when, where, why questions that come with the construction process.

We will also be engaged in scheduled consultations that serve to update you on the overall progress of the project, as well as addressing any concerns that may arise during construction. We truly believe this type of communication and interaction sets Vision Property Group apart from other builders.

Because ideas, concepts, and plans can appear different on paper than in reality, our clients are invited to join us in conducting periodic inspections throughout all critical and strategic steps of the building process. The opportunity to integrate practical changes in detail or design is enhanced, and more economical, if our clients remain

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