At Vision Property Group, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Here are answers to some common questions about the building process...

Q: What makes Vision Property Group different than other builders that construct many more homes each year?
A: We believe in giving our customers the best value for their money, but at the same time we do not sacrifice our standards of quality. Our goal is to achieve a positive building experience for each and every one of our customers.

Q: Many builders offer only a limited number of plans to choose from. Must I choose from one of your standard plans?
A: No. While we have a number of unique and exciting plans to choose from, you are not limited to only our standard plans. We want to build a home that satisfies your needs and desires.

Q: Do you offer more than just traditional-style homes?
A: Yes! Whether you're looking for a very traditionally designed house, a cutting edge contemporary, or anything in between, you can be sure we will turn your vision into reality.

Q: I have some ideas that I would like to incorporate into my home, but other builders will not allow me to. Will you work with me to build the home I really want?
A: Yes! Some of our most rewarding experiences are derived from seeing the excitement and enjoyment our customers experience when design concepts become reality.

Q: How long will it take to build our new home?
A: Generally speaking, five to seven months construction time is adequate to complete your new home.

Q: How do we get financing while our home is being built?
A: The most common means of financing new construction is through a "Construction-Permanent" mortgage. It involves a single closing with your mortgage company at the time you purchase your land. Then progress payments are made to the builder as work is completed. You will pay interest only on the amount of money that is disbursed during construction. When construction is complete, your loan will automatically convert into your permanent mortgage and you will begin making your regular mortgage payments. Vision Property Group can recommend several lenders who specialize in "Construction-Permanent" financing.

Q: What is your cost per square foot to build?
A: Cost per square foot can vary widely depending upon a number of variables such as size of home, style of home, floor plan, design, interior and exterior features, lot size and location. General speaking, per foot cost range from $85 to $105 per square foot.

Q: Will you build on our lot?
A: Yes.

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