We use the term “craftsmanship” as not just a definition of quality, to us, it’s also a commitment to organization, efficient product and vendor management, timely scheduling, and jobsite safety. This philosophy allows us to focus on the “attention to detail” surrounding all phases of the construction process. Producing homes of quality, integrity, and beauty requires a firm commitment and belief in these inherent standards from the very onset of our projects.

We begin each project with an engineered foundation system to insure the best possible methods for achieving strength and endurance are met. Our homes are engineered to meet or exceed our mutual levels of expectation and satisfaction; indeed this philosophy yields dividends over time. The planning and coordination aspects of material and manpower management become evident as we move into the framing stage of your home. We access the standards of workmanship through collaborative communication with all contractors, suppliers, and vendors. This assures the project is meeting each and every quality management objective.

Craftsmanship truly begins with a solid plan in advance of the first shovel of dirt, and continues throughout the completion of your home.


“We are committed to engaging the tools and resources necessary to insure that we achieve a result which mutually meets or exceeds our levels of expectation and satisfaction”.

Jim Pierce, President

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